British Columbia

Kayaking along the coast of Vancouver Island, discovering its natural wonders

Footsteps, impressions from Madagascar to Svalbard and Canada

Summary of a year of reportages from Madagascar to Canada through Svalbard to witness biodiversity between the equatorial regions to the arctic ones.

Wolves feeding on a carcass.

Three young wolves approach and feed on a deer carcass in Abruzzo national park in central Italy.

Wolf hunting, safe little dog.

A small stray dog has ventured into the territory of the wolves that were eating a deer so they hunted him, luckily for him he managed to escape thanks to the networks of pastures in the valley, then ran straight to my hiding place carrying a wolf to less than 50 meters from me. 

Fame rapace - Greedy chicks

Webcam nido di gheppio, il maschio porta cibo al nido per i pulcini affamati - Kestrel nest webcam, the male brings food for the hungry chicks.

Nesting Loons - Strolaghe al nido

Nesting loons in Svalbard Islands summertime - Strolaghe al nido alle Isole Svalbard in estate

Arctic Theft - Opportunisti dell'artico

Arctic fox stealing duck eggs in Svalbard Island - Volpe artica ruba le uova delle anatre alle isole Svalbard

Michel Giaccaglia